Why Are Quality Grips Important?

Choosing a top quality gymnastic hand grip ensures your ability to reduce down time from ripped and torn hands. Speak to any crossfit athlete who has been unfortunate enough to tear their hands. They will speak of the pain of that first shower, the inability to do any bar work for days and the frustration of not being able to train pain free. Having a good quality gymnastic grip is the first stage to keeping your hands rip free, continual out of gym care is the other half of the equation. At 4Time, we provide both pieces of the puzzle.

The Fold

Victory Grips have been specially designed to give athletes extra material to produce a dowel affect when on the bar.  The dowel acts like a sort of horizontal claw or 2nd thumb, that helps athletes hold onto their equipment while performing pull ups and muscle ups.  The dowel effect helps take some pressure off the fingers, as the athlete, essentially hangs, from the dowel and their fingers. Dowel gymnastic grips are band from Crossfit competition, however Victory grips provide the dowel benefits of additional material without using the dowel itself. Allowing the athlete to lock in their grip and create maximum torque.*