MOBOT - Foam Roller Water Bottle

Drink up & roll out. The MOBOT, or Mobility Bottle, is a clever, clever water bottle whose outer wrap of athletic-grade, firm-density EVA foam serves as muscle roller for your body. Take a swig from the MOBOT to hydrate, and then take a spin on it to knead out your knots and fatigue.

Why Will Victory Grips Give You the edge?

4 Different Materials - Leather, Stealth, X2 & Tactical

4 STYLES - 2-Finger, 3-Finger, 4-finger & Fingerless

The Fold - Length is provided to form the dowel affect to lock in your grip and create maximum torque

False Grip Protection - Protection and traction on the side of the wrist in the false grip.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The curvilinear shape on the palm allows for natural articulation.