Curex Recovery Hand Balm

The Science Based Balm Rehydrate and condition your hands with the only balm on the market to contain an active ingredient 15% Urea. Urea is part of the natural moisturising factors in skin which is depleted in dry callused hands.

Curex –
Made from Natural ingredients
Helps promote healing
Prevent chalk over drying
Natural exfoliant
Maintains calluses at optimal thickness

Why Will Victory Grips Give You the edge?

4 Different Materials - Leather, Stealth, X2 & Tactical

4 STYLES - 2-Finger, 3-Finger, 4-finger & Fingerless

The Fold - Length is provided to form the dowel affect to lock in your grip and create maximum torque

False Grip Protection - Protection and traction on the side of the wrist in the false grip.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The curvilinear shape on the palm allows for natural articulation.