Men's Fingerless Tactical Grips


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      Tactical Crossfit Hand Grips - SOLD IN PAIRS - Free Shipping within Australia.

      The FREEDOM (fingerless) GRIPS are our proven design with a natural progression of going fingerless. Made from our proven Tactical material, these grips are all about clean and fast transitions from movements where you want the grips to others where you want to go barehanded. There is no wasting time messing with grips nor getting them to stay out of the way for dynamic movements like double unders.  Tacticals DO NOT need chalk, in fact we find that they become slippery with chalk.

      The Victory Grip's Tactical line is designed to maximize grip, abrasion resistance, and natural dexterity. The utility side of the grip is a high-performance rubber polymer providing abrasion resistance and unsurpassed friction coefficient (grippiness), especially on powder-coated bars no matter how slick the bars have become, and chalk is not required. A layer of woven Kevlar lines the hand side of the grip to provide abrasion resistance and moisture-wicking. The total thickness of the Tactical is only 1.3mm which is our thinnest material allowing you to have a natural dexterity on the bar or rings. Despite how thin these grips are the material feels very protective. No matter your skill level these grips will help you go unbroken! Chalk is optional with the Tactical.
      Sold in pairs.


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