Coated Vs Bare skipping cable

Coated Vs Bare skipping cable

Speed Vs. Durability

First Off, RPM is a speed rope company, All of the cables are fast. So when we discuss the trade-offs between them, just remember everything’s relative.

Generally speaking, a coated cable is going to be a better fit for most people.

Thanks to it’s plastic coating, it’s more durable and therefore better able to withstand the wear and tear from:


  • A new jumper learning double-unders
  • Higher than average usage
  • Workouts outside the gym


The bare cable, on the other hand, is designed for maximum speed.


If you’re an experienced jumper and you’re in the gym or on a mat for all your workouts, the bare cable is a great option.

It will maximize your speed through your workout partly because of it’s aerodynamics and faster rotation, but also by minimizing fatigue, allowing you to push harder on other elements of your workout.

The coated cable is the standard on all Session ropes, and the bare cable comes standard on Comp, but both rope models are compatible with both cable types.

So if you already have a rope with a coated cable and wanna see what the bare cable speed is all about, we have you.


Or, if you’re not sure the bare cable was the right choice, and you’re looking for something a little more versatile, try throwing a coated cable on your rope.

Either way, it’s easy to experiment to find what works best for you.