What’s in a rope?

RPM launched their first speed rope in 2012, revolutionising a timeless, but tired, category after it was thrust back into relevance by the meteoric rise of functional training and the highly potent, and widely dreaded, double under.

Add to that its compact size and inherent need to be fitted directly to the individual user, and you have the most personal and portable tool in your training equipment arsenal, and probably the ONE that everyone should actually own.

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In their words…

“Founded in 2012, RPM was born out of the idea that legit, purposeful functional training is the foundation for a truly full and adventurous life. When you put in that work, it pushes you to do more, explore further, surf longer, ride harder… It’s a barrier against injury, apathy, and even time itself.

This connection is why our brand will always reflect the action, adventure, and creativity emboldened by the time we spend training, and not just the training itself. This purpose-first approach has been sorely missing from the traditional “fitness” brand landscape, but it permeates everything we do at RPM, and everything we make.“

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Yes! We're firm believers in learning on a rope that's similar in weight and speed to the one
you’ll use long-term. In fact, the inherent speed of RPM ropes actually makes getting those
first double unders easier than with any other rope on the market. That said, we do
recommend sticking with the coated cable option (standard on Session and Sprint models)—RPM
coated cables provide a bit more feedback in the handles, making it easier to develop your timing and rhythm, and also have the added durability to withstand the learning process

The Session is RPM's standard, best-selling speed rope. It ships with a coated cable. This is your everyday rope!

The Comp is made for speed. It comes standard with a bare cable, and has a thicker knurling pattern on the handles to give you a bit more grip than the standard Session rope.

Note: The internal components are the same for both Session and Comp models, and both ropes
are compatible with bare and standard coated cables.

The Sprint is a plastic handle rope that comes standard with our coated cable. This is the lightest rope in our lineup! The Sprint is perfect for the savvy shopper, and ideal for travel. For the ultra-light experience, add a bare cable to your handles!

There are a few factors to consider when deciding which cable option is best for you. If
speed is your top priority, and you're an efficient jumper training indoors on rubbe flooring (and you don't mind changing a cable a little more frequently), then the bare cable is perfect for you. However, if durability and versatility are your top priorities, and you'd prefer a longer span between cable replacements, then the coated cable is probably a better option for you. Also, while either option will accommodate any skill level, beginners often prefer the feedback that the coated cable provides for learning jump timing and rhythm, as well as the durability it offers to withstand the learning process.

Don't even sweat it! ...your rope is NOT broken! Our handles hold all the magic and technology and are virtually indestructible. The cables, while crazy fast, will need
to be replaced occasionally. Luckily, this is cheap and easy to do right It is also importantto use
cable cutters and not wire cutters. If the end of the cable is frayed on the initial cut then the set screw will not hold the cable in place and the cable will not last! We also recommend threading your cable all the way through to the other end of the head so it is flush. Leaving a "tail" out of the other side is not recommended as it can cause extra stress on the cable..

Many factors can impact the lifespan of your cable, including your jumping surface, sizing,
jumping style, form and efficiency, frequency of use, etc. Some people will go over a year
without replacing a cable and some will go through one every month or two. If you find you
go through cables more quickly than you'd like, simply swap that bare cable out for a coated
one and you'll be good to go. Whichever cable you prefer, both styles are easy to replace
and can be found right here on our site in a variety of colors!

If your cable only lasts a few jumping sessions, then the surface is most likely too coarse.
We recommend adding a rubber mat or padding to the surface area where your cable hits the ground.

Our handles are virtually indestructible and come with a 5-year warranty.

All ropes come standard with a cable that is 12’ long, which is suitable for people up to 7 feet tall.

When you purchase a new rope (Session, Comp, Sprint) you’ll receive the following:

Your speed rope (two handles along with the partnering cable)

A microfiber bag for easy storage and transport

A hex key and spare set screw


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