2POOD Belt Size Guide

Our belts are typically SMALLER in size than pants and shorts for most typical/lean builds (more on that below).
Our belts fit best with a 3-7 cm gap left when you pull both ends together *snug*
  • For reference, here are the belt sizes worn by some of our Team 2POOD athletes:
    • Mattie Rogers, Chyna Cho and CJ Cummings wear X-SMALL
    • Nick Urankar, Nathan Bramblett, Marcus Filly, Noah Ohlsen wear SMALL;
    • Elijah Muhammad, Sam Dancer and Brent Fikowski wear MEDIUM;
    We recommend a snug fit, to ensure that the belt provides maximum support. Ideally you'd find a belt in the "perfect fit" range, but some prefer a loose fit, which works fine as well. NOTE: Our belt sizes are unisex.




  • Please measure over your belly button (vs. over your hips).

    All measurements are in Centimeters

    2POOD Belt Size Recommended Fit -cm


    57 - 64



    64 - 69


    69 - 74



    74 - 80



    80 - 90



    90 - 99


    99 - 105



    105 - 118


    This is an example of the ideal gap:

    We know it's a lot of info, so please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about belt sizing! We're here to help