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Fitting & Sizing Assistance
How to size your Victory Grips

Sizing your grips is important as sizing your shoes.

How Should My Finger Grips Fit

Fitting & Sizing Assistance

How Should My Fingerless Grips Fit

How to use and size up your fingerless grips

How To Size The Two Finger Grips

2-Finger Grips are designed for athletes coming from a gymnastic background

The Tactical Material And Thumb Guard Explained

What makes the Tactical material different?

Which Victory Grip Style Is Best For Me?

How to choose the best grips for you.

How To Get The Best Performance From Your Grips

Tips on staying on the bar longer

Why Do I Need Grips?

It's not about protecting your hands, it's about performance

Care & Cleaning
How To Care For Your Grips

Did you know you can wash some version of the Victory Grips?

Leather Grips Maintenance and Care

How to make your leather grips last longer


Here's A Simple Way To Size Yourself At Home Before You Buy

Not sure on your size? this helpful video should get you sorted.

What Is The WOD Clamp and How Does It Work?

Why The 2POOD Straight Belt is the Best On the Market


How To Size Your RPM Rope

The first thing you'll want to do after unpacking your new RPM rope is to size it. Follow along with head Atom coach, Pat Barber, to size your cable appropriately.

How To Replace Your RPM Cable

Replacing your cable on your RPM rope is easy, thanks to this video

How To Double-under Tips & Tricks

Need some help with our double unders