The WODClamp® : Everything You Need to Know

The 2POOD Straight Belt is the preferred choice for top weightlifters and functional fitness athletes, but why?

Sure it’s comfortable, secure, and the designs are awesome. But... what really sets it apart?

Simply put, it’s the WODClamp®

The WODClamp® is a special locking mechanism uniquely created by 2POOD for our belts to provide the security of a leather belt, with the exact perfect fit of a Velcro Belt.

By looping the strap through and around the clamp, the WODClamp® takes all the tensile away from the Velcro and provides security and stability via the clamp, prolonging the life of the Velcro and allowing for the most security possible.

The clamp also allows rapid transitions through functional fitness activities like CrossFit®, where athletes need to stabilize the belt for heavy lifting sets, then quickly loosen to transition to mobile activities (like box jumps). The velcro and clamp are designed for easy loosening in one motion, then immediately re-tighten and stabilise safely, saving precious seconds in competitions.


So whats the Purpose of the WODclamp?

Many of us in the functional fitness community like to use a weight belt for added support while exercising fast.Core stability is important for keeping good form and increasing our efficiency of motion.

However, in scenarios where speed is not the purpose, the focus becomes firm, stable support under maximum loads.

In these cases, the WODClamp adds an incredible amount of security to the hold of the belt and makes it highly unlikely that the belt will fail due to over-tightening.

When Should I use the WODclamp?

The WODClamp is perfect for heavy lifts where you need maximum security, with the flexibility to quickly tighten and loosen the belt.

Doing a deadlift/boxjump workout? You can easily loosen the WODClamp by undoing the Velcro and pulling on the silver buckle for the box jumps, and then easily re-tighten once you’re ready to go heavy on the deadlifts.

This will save you precious seconds on your WOD and prevent you from having to take your belt on and off.