Size Chart

Please take the time to measure your hand to ensure you order the correct size. If you have any questions please contact 4Time at

Fingerless , 3 & 4-Finger Grips


Measure your hand from the tip of your middle finger to the crease just below your palm. If you measure between sizes we recommend you buy the larger size. Women that measure at or above 19 cm's in size, we would recommend you purchase men's Large.

*Women with a hand measurement OVER 19 centimeters choose a Men's Large.


2-Finger Grips


Measure your hand from the top knuckle of your middle finger to the crease just below your palm. Choose the size according to where you prefer to position the finger holes.

 Victory Grips Size Chart finger measure Australia 2 finger

POSITION 1: Finger holes worn between first and second joint
POSITION 2: Finger holes worn at the base of the fingers

Victory Grips Size Chart 2 finger Australia



I'm right at the cusp of the next size. Which size should I go with?

The grips are designed to fit true to size and still give sufficient fold to create the dowel effect. Let's say you are a male right at 6 7/8" (17.5 cm), from the first joint of your middle finger to the crease just below your palm, you will do fine with a men's medium. However, there are two things to consider: 1. If you prefer a larger fold than average, then size up. 2. If you have very thick hands, sizing up would be recommended.

I am a woman with larger than average hands. Will the men’s grips be a better fit for me?

Yes, if you are women with larger hands, especially in palm width, go for the men's size. The main difference in the men's size compared to women's is the width. If this sounds like you, then follow the men's sizing.

What’s the difference Between Male and Female Sizes?

The main difference is the width. The women's grips are more narrow than the men's as women typically have more narrow hands. The sizes are also not equivalent in length. For example a men's small is the same length as a women's medium, and it is also wider.

How long should my Grips last?

Your grips should last 4 to 6 months depending on intensity and volume of training. They may last longer. You have to consider that you are exerting a lot of force and friction on a piece of material that is give or take 2mm. Therefore; they are not indestructible despite our best efforts to make a durable product.