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Why 2POOD Belts are the Best in the World

2POOD® provides the top performance gear for the functional fitness and weightlifting communities. 2POOD® belts, shorts, pants, hoodies, shirts and lifting accessories serve the needs of non-globo gym based fitness enthusiasts and athletes.

Their one of the original WOD-focused brands, and their first sponsored athlete was all-time Crossfit megastar Rich Froning, Jr. in 2010!

Today, 2POOD continues to be the belt of choice of olympians, professionals and general functional fitness and weightlifting enthusiasts.

That's why their proud to be the official belts of USA Weightlifting.

What makes 2POOD belts so special? The WODClamp®

We know there are a ton of belts on the market. But what makes our belts so special, you ask?

We think (and our athletes tell us) it's our unique WODClamp® feature.

All About that Clamp...

The WODClamp® is a special locking mechanism uniquely created by 2POOD to provide the security of a leather belt with the exact perfect fit of a Velcro Belt. Once the belt is looped through the WODClamp®, it is secured and stabilized, with the velcro only being used as extra reinforcement.

This gives our belts an UNMATCHED feel of security and stability, which is critical when you're competing in high-level competitions in Functional Fitness activities like CrossFit® and Olympic-level competitions.

product image
product image

Look Good While You Lift

so the clamp is the serious side of what makes their belts great.

What we think is REALLY awesome about 2POOD belts is our variety of amazing styles - we've truly got something for everyone.

Camo, sparkles, action heroes, tribute patterns, you name it

Don't Take our Word for it

Check out this video to hear from real athletes about why they love our belts: