RPM Now Available At 4Time Australia And New Zealand

RPM Now Available At 4Time Australia And New Zealand

RPM Speed Rope

4Time is now offering the largest range of RPM speed ropes in Australia and New Zealand. Now with 3 variations there is a Functional fitnes rope for all levels of athlete. The entry level rope, perfect for someone looking to learn double unders. The Sprint offers plastic handles with dual axis rotation system which helps eliminate wasted energy while skipping. The Sprint rope comes with a coated cable for those people who are still learning. The next step up in the range is the Session 4. The Session 4 was the rope that started it all for RPM and the 4 representing the 4th evolution of this rope.  Constructed from aluminum, the handles come with a 5 year warranty and feature the Dual bearing system for a smoother freer spin. The Session 4 rope is the perfect rope for someone who is able to hit at least 10 Double Unders in a row and is ready to take their skipping to the next level. The Session 4 comes with a coated cable but like all the ropes this can be replaced with a bear cable for more advanced jumpers.

Lastly there is the Comp 4 RPM rope, like the name suggests the Comp 4 is a competition grade rope which comes complete with a bear steel cable. Designed for people who are able to constantly hit 50 double unders in a row. The Comp 4 offers all of the features of the Session 4 RPM Rope however super aggressive competition knurl for improved grip when it matters most.

For more information on the RPM ropes and a comprehensive guide on the difference please visit our RPM page HERE

Different Cable Options:

Coated Vs Bare Steel

Your abilities and where you are using your rope will have a big impact on weather you are better off with a nylon coated or a bare cable. If you are looking for a rope that will last longer and do less damage while learning how to skip, the coated cable is the best option. The extra weight on the cable helps to make them perfect for the person skipping to feel the rope as it pass’s around your body. The extra coating on the cable will also assist to prolong the cables life and is perfect to be used on hardwood floors and rubber matting.

If you are wanting the fastest possible option, the bare steel cable is 100% your go to option. Thin, lightweight and fast, the bare steel cable is allot less forgiving when it makes contact with anyone of your body parts however, if you are looking to take your skipping up a gear well worthwhile a try.


Both cables come in a range of colours and can be found HERE


Whether you are just being to learn singles, doubles or triple unders RPM have a rope that will work for you. If you have any questions regarding our range of RPM ropes or cables please reach out to one of our friendly staff.