Not All Lifting Tape Is Made Equal

Not All Lifting Tape Is Made Equal

Let's Compare Lifting Tape


Not All Lifting Tape Is Made Equal:

Let’s break down the difference between 2POOD Tape and the Pre-Cut 4Time tape,to help you better understand the difference between them and which one is right foryou. For those still new to weight lifting / functional fitness, thumb tape, lifting tape, or just tape as people call it, helps to protect your thumbs during movements where you use a hook grip. People will also use tape in functional fitness, for movements requiring dumbbells to also help protect their thumbs. 

So why does 4Time offer 2 different types of tape?
The answer is simple, although quite confusing. We offer 2 options to give people choice based on personal preference. Like most of our range of products, we know that one size does not fit all. To start with, we will talk about what the tape is made of, then go over some pro's and con's to each type of tape. Please note that some of this information will be based on our personal opinion which may not match yours. The only true way to find out which one you like, is to order a roll of each and test them out. For the best testing results, put the 2POOD tape on one thumb and the 4Time tape on the other. \

2POOD Tape:
Roll Length : 6m x 50mm wide
Material: Flexible cotton fabric + latex free adhesive
2POOD Tape is self-rippable. It doesn’t having any paper backing, so no need to find a rubbish
bin. It is also slightly thicker than the 4Time tape. The thickness will provide extra padding for
people who bruise easily or people that really like to rip in during the workout and leave care at
the door. As it's a cotton fabric, you will have a little stretch which is needed to ensure the tape
stays on. You will want to pull the roll tight when applying the tape, but not too tight that it cuts
off blood supply.
4Time Pre-Cut Tape:
Roll Length: 32 x 14cm strips 50mm wide
Material: K-Tape (cotton blend)
The issue with the K Tape that a lot of people use, is that you have to cut it using scissors or even worse use your teeth. This means you always need a pair of scissors around. Unfortunately, those scissors will often get the adhesive stuck to them over time and make them difficult to use. Hence why we wanted to bring out our own K-Tape! The big difference is that ours is Pre-cut.
K-Tape is thinner than the 2POOD lifting tap. Once again, this is a personal preference. Some people like that they can feel the bar better, whereas others will prefer the thicker protection 2POOD gives. We find the K-tape will stick better for long sessions. This is required for doing a general class and then backing that up with a weightlifting class. With the 2POOD tape, depending on the volume during the class, you might need to re-tape. Once again some will likely do this anyways. Just like some prefer changing their shirt between classes, others would just like to plough through.
The Pre-cut tape does have a paper backing, which means you will need to find a rubbish bin at some stage to put this in. Alternatively, we are sure your coaches would love you to leave this on the floor after briefing.
So Which Tape is best for you:
2POOD tape is thicker, has small ridges and does not have a backing that needs to go in the bin. 4Time tape is thinner and slightly stickier, and it does have a backing to put in the bin.
If you have any questions about our range of thumb tape or you want your gym to start stocking it, please feel free to reach out via email to
Happy Lifting.